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Do you like Picasso?  Being in a multicultural environment? Do you like music? Dancing? Going for a relaxing walk in the mountains? Do you like exploring forgotten corners? Do you like Almodóvar? Fashion and shopping? Do you like sports? Talking to people? Do you like living life to the full? Come to our Spanish School in Mardid. We are going to have fun together! Why you should choose Spanish Course in Madrid?

Our Spanish School in Madrid is one of the most prestigious training centres in Spain. With a workforce of 80 people, it is located in a beautiful 19th-century mansion beside the Prado Museum, and the Círculo de Bellas Artes.

We say that we are “training centre” because we are much more than just a language school: we train teachershave agreements with universitiesorganise internships in companiescoordinate European Union Projectsparticipate in multimedia activitieswrite books and manualsgive talks and create cultural programs.

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The Spanish School in Madrid has a rich tradition and history. It was founded in 1982. In this initial period the school was very small and unknown to anyone. Today it is one of the most prestigious schools in Madrid. It employs over 100 people and is located in a beautiful and stylish 19th-century building in the besieged Madrid neighborhood near the Prado Museum. This is not an ordinary school. It is a place where different social and cultural groups meet. Here, teachers are trained, teaching materials are created here, universities cooperate with our school and internships are organized in very important companies. The Spanish course in Madrid will be an unforgettable experience. You will meet here people from all over the world who  want to get to know Spain and learn Spanish.

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Our teachers during Spanish Language Courses in Madrid try to cooperate with students so that students are the main heroes during the courses. The role of the teacher is to teach so that the students themselves know how to guide their learning further.  The goal of our teachers is to give you the necessary knowledge, thanks to which you will be able to move and use the language in real life. We teach how to share knowledge, we teach experiences, ideas, cultures, ways of being etc. Here you will get to know Spanish culture and way of life.

Teaching Madrid

Classes are entirely conducted in Spanish. The methodology has been created since 1982 and is now based on modern technological carriers. The goal of teachers is to force you to speak from the very beginning. And for this to happen, the following points must be met:
– good preparation of classes that set clear goals, introduce various forms of work, provide support and promote the student’s high participation in classes.
– communicative way of teaching and pedagogy of positive thinking. This helps in the development of the student and independent direction of further learning.
– During classes, the student is the most important and he has to participate in classes the most. The teacher only has to manage the work.

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Spanish Courses in Madrid

The Spanish Language School in Madrid offers semester courses, gap year courses and long-term Spanish language courses. Welcome to Madrid for a Spanish language course in Spain.

General Spanish Courses in Madrid
Thanks to general courses, you will get professional help while learning Spanish, including: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, writing, listening, reading and speaking. Our method is proven and received the highest quality certificate from the most prestigious educational institutions. It is characterized by high flexibility, we adapt the course to the needs of individual students and school groups.

General Spanish Courses

Intensive Spanish Course in Madrid

22 lessons per week, from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm
In the summer months classes are also held in the afternoons from 3:00 to 6:30 pm, the timetable depends on the level of language. The school is open all year. 6 levels of proficiency! We guarantee excellent results in learning Spanish. We combine the course at the school with practical activities in the open air. In this way, you are completely immersed not only in language, but also in culture.


Special courses

Intensive Spanish Course in Madrid + Private Tuition

This course is designed specifically for those who want to participate in Spanish course with other students and to add to it some private lessons. In this way, on the one hand you will meet people with your own interests and you will be able to learn Spanish together and on the other you will be able to enjoy individualized and specialized teaching, which you will enjoy for sure. During private lessons of the Spanish language, the entire attention of the Spanish teacher will be focused on you.

Long-term Spanish Course in Madrid

The minimum duration of this program is 24 full uninterrupted weeks, a total of twenty weekly Spanish lessons, which are divided into 4 lessons per day in Spanish for 45 minutes each. Special price offer is waiting for you! Write to us.


Special Courses

Spanish Course for Business

We will organize a Spanish language course for your company! We guarantee:

  • Setting learning goals for employees to achieve it during the course.
  • Analysis of needs and a test to check the level of Spanish language of all participants.
  • Division of groups under the level of the levels, schedule of classes or type of course.
  • A course at our school in Madrid or in your company.
  • Reports, attendance check and progress assessment of all course participants.


Spanish Course + Internship in Madrid

4 weeks of Intensive Spanish Language Course + minimum 3 month practice in Madrid. Spanish program + internship in companies students take internships in companies in accordance with their interests, skills, studies and professional goals, so that they not only gain fluency in Spanish, but also have the opportunity to gain work experience in Spain.



We invite individual clients as well as closed groups and educational institutions (institutes, primary schools and high schools) to come to our school in Madrid and to take part in the preparatory course for DELE. You can check the dates and objectives of the DELE courses here.


Business Spanish Course

All classes during the business course are directly related to various areas of the world of work and contain intercultural content from the business world. The course has been designed to prepare students of higher levels to obtain a certificate granted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Madrid. The certificate confirms not only very good knowledge of the Spanish language, but also the knowledge of business terminology in Spanish.


Spanish Course for ELE Teachers

The Spanish course is intended for future teachers who do not yet have a lot of experience in teaching or for experienced teachers who want to learn about the modern secrets of teaching a foreign language. Participants will participate in the process of updating knowledge and using the Spanish language, and at the same time they will be presented with various aspects of language teaching and will acquire modern tools helpful in teaching Spanish.

Special Courses

Spanish Courses for Expats in Spain

If you live in Madrid and do not want to or can not take part in an intensive Spanish course, then we recommend you a course that will take place on weekends or in the evenings twice a week: on Mondays and Wednesdays or on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Write to us and choose the best option for you.


Alicante, Barcelona, Malaga, Valencia

educational trip Malaga

school trips to Spain

Linguiter is a travel agency which specialises in organising school language trips to Spain. Every year we organise educational school trips for 100 schools in all over the world. We invite teachers to contact us. We will create special offers for you with tailor made cultural programs and Spanish Courses in the best Spanish destinations.

klub 50_hiszpanski_hiszpania_kursy_dla_doroslych

Spanish Courses for adults 50+

Programs in Alicante, Barcelona, Malaga. A complete combination of Spanish learning and a cultural program. We help in finding accommodation and deliver to the airport.

Spanish Courses Prices in Madrid

Choose the best Spanish Course in Madrid

Spanish Courses MadridLessons/Week1 week2 weeks 3 weeks4 weeks8 weeks12 weeks24 weeks32 weeksExtra week
Intensive22 lessons215EURO395EURO592EURO790EURO1.538EURO190EURO
Intensive+ 10 Private22 lessons+ 10 private535EURO1040EURO1.535EURO2.030EURO475EURO
Longterm Spanish Course1.440EURO2.040EURO3.440EURO4.200EURO
Gap Year + DELE/SIELE Preparation20 lessons+ 10 private DELE (4 tyg.)3.480EURO4.910EURO
Spanish Course+ Internship22 lessons4 weeks course+internship=
Spanish Course+Internship=
DELE Exam Preparation20 goup lessons+ 10 private DELE510EURO975EURO
Spanish+ Flamenco20+5 flamenco490EURO900EURO
Individual Training for ELE Teachers30 lessons555EURO
Workshops &Practical Course for teachers45 lessons390EURO
Educational School Trips 15-20 lessonsTailor Made Spanish Course + Cultural Programme
Private Lessons 1 lesson=38EURO20 lessons=760EURO30lessons= 1.140EUR

Choose the best accommodation type

Accommodation TypePrice/6 nights
Family – individual room – breakfast185EURO
Family – individual room – half board237EURO
Family – individual room – full board268EURO
Family – double room-breakfast164EURO
Family – double room – half board206EURO
Family – double room – full board247EURO
Shared flat – individual room195EURO
Shared flat – double room150EURO
Residence- individual room – private bathroom350EURO
Residence – shared room448EURO/room

Our students about us!

  • I heartily recommend Linquiter. Our daughter came back from the trip very happy. Ms. Dominiko, thank you very much for the organization and care 🙂 See you next year?

    Katarzyna P.
    mother of our student

  • Ms. Dominika Adamska gave us  1000% of herself! Everything organized perfectly.

    Iwona K.
    Spanish teacher from Poland

  • Once you go, you will want to come back. My Son returned from Malaga very pleased. And he immediately said that he would like to go next year. He joined the 3-person group, so practically they were individual lessons. Great, committed teachers, great atmosphere. Unforgettable holidays. School is well organized. Excellent contact before and during the trip at any time. Ms. Dominika and Laura explain the slightest doubt instantly answering e-mails or text messages. And they take care of every detail during your stay. Accommodation in excellent conditions. Thank you.

    Iwona K.
    mother of our student

  • A wonderfully organized language tour for our students. Ms. Dominika made every effort to make it an unforgettable week. Everything was pampered as much as possible. A reliable Spanish language school close to the sea, carefully selected host families, a rich program of additional classes. I predicted that other offers do not equal this offer but reality has exceeded our expectations. We came back to Poland full of positive emotions and experiences – WE WANT MORE! The students, despite their initial fear or cope, have gained a lot of confidence and are proud that they have found themselves so well in Spanish reality. The course at the school was so interesting that no one complained that a few hours a day had to stay at school 🙂 a great plus are practical lessons, outside the classroom: cooking paella together with consumption or going to the nearby market and implementing there designated tasks. The school also has a designated place for outdoor lessons, on the patio by the pool. Teachers with a great approach to youth, able to attract attention, involve students and pass knowledge. I recommend with all my heart!

    Agnieszka S.
    Spanish Teacher from Poland

  • Excellent organization, perfect contact with a Polish-speaking employee, Ms. Zosia, child satisfaction with accommodation and school activities. Thank you! Agata is waiting for next summer in Spain!

    Zygmunt B.
    father of our student

  • Son, 12 years old, went alone to Malaga during the summer and participated in summer language course in Malaga. Therefore, to all minor parents – care on the part of Linguiter, in addition to professionalism, showed a huge deck of patience towards us – parents,  and the heart, good care of my son, are priceless. Thanks to Linguiter it was great experience for my son! Kuba is already missing Miss Zosia (Dominika), Carmen, who he lived with and colleagues from around the world. We will certainly meet next year. I recommend and thank you with a pure heart.

    Iwona K.
    Mother of our 12 years old son 

  • The school in Madrid is unique in terms of the very friendly atmosphere that the wonderful professors create. The lessons are at a high level. Materials and books very good. There are many additional activities organized, such as sightseeing in the city, participation in various types of events or joint trips. Professors always serve their help. The apartments are very comfortable and very well equipped. I recommend this school to everyone. Thank you Linguiter agency for organizing this amazing adventure!

    Marta R.

  • Seville is a beautiful city! I have traveled a lot and learned a lot. Super school! Very tiny in the very center of the city, but very good. In the group I had only 5 people and thanks to that the lessons were very intense. Incredible teachers who will explain any doubts and help in any situation. The school also offers extracurricular activities like going to the museum, pubs or bars to learn about Spanish culture. You can also take part in trips to nearby towns or villages. As for me, Seville was the perfect place to learn Spanish. . Next year I will check Granada 🙂 Linguiter, thanks for everything!

    Agata P.

  • I recommend the Linguiter agency and the Malaga school! Good teacher contact with the student. Lessons in small groups, interesting, focused on continuous conversations. Learning a language combined with learning about the culture and architecture of Andalusia. People with passion and excellent pedagogical skills work there. After 2 months of the course, I spoke much better. I heartily recommend a trip to Spain! It will be an adventure of life.

    Kasia O.

  • Linguiter recommended us the best language institute in Malaga. Two weeks spent on the course made me realize how much you can learn about Spain, its inhabitants and the carefree southern life. I especially recommend additional classes and people working at the institute. Thank you for the atmosphere and unforgettable fun.

    Tomasz A.

  • The daughter of 13 years old left in July for a two-week holiday language camp to Malaga and returned home very happy and a little disappointed that the camp lasted only two weeks. Already announced that next year will gladly go to Malaga for 4 weeks. We would like to thank the Linguiter agency for organizing a good Spanish language course with children of similar age and from different corners of the world, for Ola’s accommodation in a nice Spanish family who took care of Ola during her stay and for the mass of cultural and recreational attractions that took place  all the time until late evening. I would like to add that the daughter was brought to school every day and sent back to the Spanish home in the evening. The fact that Dominika Adamska (organizer) is in place in Malaga is an additional plus. Thanks to this, we were more calm during Ola’s stay in Malaga and we knew that in every situation we can count on the assistance of Mrs. Dominika. Thank you very much, Mrs. Dominica, a kind, professional and totally dedicated person for help, patience, and great commitment. Thanks to Dominika, we felt that our daughter is in good hands and that she is safe. I recommend a holiday with Linguiter to all parents of children aged 13-14. Thank you again and see you next year!

    Katarzyna P.
    mother of our 13 years old student