Summer Camp Salamanca

Salamanca is a scenic, gorgeous city, declared the European Cultural Capital for 2002 and protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. This impressively maintained medieval town is also one of the most youthful areas in Spain; home to the second-oldest university in the world, it continues to attract international students from all corners of the globe.

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Salamanca is a small city — you can walk anywhere, and you’ll get to know the people behind the counter at your favorite neighborhood café. With so many opportunities to practice your Spanish, the words will start to come out naturally. Learn Spanish in Salamanca and find out why this stunning city has long been famous for inspiring great minds. The school also has large green areas where students can go for walks, relax in the shade of many different trees or participate in any kind of outdoor activity. And all this along with the best added services possible!

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summer camp for kids salamanca
40% Spanish & 60% international students
40 Sport Activities and Excursions
Higly Qualified Teachers and Monitors
Project based learning
20 classes of Spanish Course per week in groups of max. 14 students

Summer Camps with Spanish in Spain for Kids 5-17 

Who are we dedicating Summper Camps ?

Our summer camps have been designed to help kids and teens between the ages of 5 and 17 learn Spanish by combining an innovative methodology and true immersion with fellow campers from all over the world. Kids are going to study Spanish in Spain but they are going to have fun during whole stay too. They are going to be active every day from 9.00 till 21.00h. All the time they are going to stay under the control of Spanish Teachers and Tutors. They are going to be very busy every day and they won´t have even time to miss their parents. Here in Spain kids and teenagers from all over the world meet during Spanish Language Course. Give your children this experience!


During their morning Spanish classes, our students will see their skills improve quickly thanks to our project-based methodology that boosts their learning capabilities and creativity. In the afternoon, they will practice using the language in real-life situations as they mingle with the other Spanish and international students and let loose playing sports, participating in activities, and traveling on the various trips that are organized as part of the camp experience.

Summer Course Salamanca

20 lessons per week, with 4 lessons everyday, Monday through Friday. Each class is 45 minutes in length, and we set a maximum of 14 students per class in order to ensure individualized attention. conversation and communication, so that students may take full advantage of their surroundings and apply what they’re learning by speaking with friends during the remainder of the day. The morning class hours are the only time when Spanish and international students are separated; they rejoin in the afternoon and at night for a variety of activities.

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All the services to help your children during their stay in Spain

Our services in Spain


We offer very good contact with parents. You can always call us or write us. If you have any questions, we will try to help you.

  • Very good contact 
  • Good care
  • Personal Atention 

Spanish Courses

During Summer Camps & Junior Spanish Courses you can combine studies and pleasure.

  • Best Spanish Schools in Spain
  • Cervantes Acreditation 
  • Intensive Courses
  • Modern Metodology


There are two options of accommodation we can organize for our youngest students: host family stay or residency

  • Campus for all students
  • host families – best way to improve Spanish
  • Monitors, teachers, families help our students

Cultural Program

Come to Spain! Study and have fun during our cultural program.

  • Many activities
  • Visits
  • Monuments
  • Fun

Let your children enjoy the summer in Spain! Each summer we organize summer camps for kids and teenagers 5-17 years old. All our pupils participate in intensive Spanish Course with all kind of cultural activities. All of us enjoy summer time in Spain during Spainsh Course.


summer camp for kids accommodation

Spanish Host Families

Students 14 years of age and up can choose to become part of a Spanish family with our homestay program. This is a great option for students who are interested in a truly authentic Spanish experience. All of our enthusiastic families are carefully selected in order to ensure that they share the same core values as we do and are friendly, welcoming and passionate about helping our students learn and grow from their Enforex summer. What’s included: Recreational activities, 4 meals included, 24/7 supervision, workshops, project based learning, sports…

Residential Stay

The Residential Stay embodies the essence of our summer language camp philosophy: by living, studying, playing, and practicing languages together 24 hours/ day in a totally multicultural environment, campers will learn interpersonal and linguistic skills to last a lifetime. When they choose this signature option, Spanish and international students are only separated during their morning language classes. They’ll experience everything else together, from morning wake-up to sports, art workshops, recreational activities, excursions, meals and more. It’s the perfect recipe for making life-long friends from all over the world! What’s included?: 24/7 supervision, Sports, recreational activities, 4 meals included, 60% of Spanish students, project based learning.

summer camp for kids spain, residency accommodation for teenagers

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