Technology, Culture and Education
in the process of learning Spanish.

kurs hiszpanskiego dla nauczycieli w salamance

ELE training for Teachers in Salamanca!

Thanks to the technology that has been developing very intensively in recent years, teachers can make their teaching materials in different way. They do not have to spend hours and hours on thinking about how to prepare modern and interesting materials for their students. Thanks to the technology, we can quickly and interestingly create new materials. These days we have even a choice. We are forced to constantly develop and search for new and interesting solutions while teaching.Duirng our Spanish Language Courses for Teachers in Salamanca, two basic aspects are very important in the teaching process: technology that opens up new opportunities and broadens horizons and culture, which has always been very important in the teaching process. Contact us and get an Erasmus + scholarship with us.

General Conditions of Participation in the Training and ELE Course for Teachers in Salamanca.


You can sign up even a week before the program starts. Please contact us to check the accommodation options with us. We will gladly answer all your questions before receiving your final enrollment.


The course is only made for teachers of Spanish ELE. All Spanish Philology Students with pedagogical specialisation or certified teachers with varying professional experience can enroll for this Special ELE Course for Spanish Teachers. We also recommend taking a laptop. If necessary, you can also rent equipment at school in Salamanca.

Price of ELE Spanish Course in Salamanca

The price of the ELE Course for Spanish Language Teachers is 360EURO / week.

This is included in the price:

  • Accommodation, in a residence or with a Spanish host family in a double room with full accommodation from Sunday before the start of the course until Saturday after the end of the course for teachers.
  • Online teaching materials.
  • Transport from Madrid to Salamanca and return to Madrid.
  • Health insurance Sanitas.
  • Socio-cultural program. Some additional activities are payable.
  • The price does not include airline tickets, own expenses and some cultural activities.


Our school in Salamanca annually awards about 150 scholarships for active teachers. Scholarships include weekly or two-week courses and trainings for teachers. The scholarship includes the cost of the program on site along with additional classes. In addition, each teacher will be invited for teacher training if he comes to Salamanca with a group of at least 15 students. Welcome!

Types of ELE Courses for Teachers in Salamanca

General ELE Course for Teachers

DATES: 18-24.06
The most important points of the program:

  • How to prepare your students for exams,
  • Implementation of grammatical structures,
  • Implementation of cultural elements to the curriculum,
  • Development, strengthening of reading, writing and speaking skills. Building vocabulary and introducing grammar,
  • Communication and cultural links,
  • Technical tools – creating practical exercises,
  • Art and literature during Spanish language classes,
  • Paying attention to success in the teaching process,
  • Evaluation of the Spanish language teaching process,

Technology and culture during Spanish Lesson

DATES: 25.06-08.07

  • Why Information and Communication Technologies in the teacher’s program?
  • Program tutorials for teachers,
  • Communication during classes using a computer or laptop,
  • Pedagogy in communication technologies,
  • Teaching foreign languages at a distance (online),
  • The use of social pages in the teaching process.

Building vocabulary during lesson

DATES: 9-15.07

  • Learning methods
  • Word items
  • Abstract words
  • Cognados
  • Falsos amigos
  • Colocaciones
  • Modismos

Creating materials under the appreciation of each student’s level:
What can a student of Spanish language do at every level?
– Speak
– Read
– Write
– Listen

Didactics and technology in the teaching process

DATES: from 1 week to 4 weeks throughout the year

The Spanish language teaching process involves many aspects that must be taken into account when developing the methodology of teaching a foreign language. One of the most important aspects is creating your own materials. Thanks to the enormous development that we have witnessed in recent years, we are in possession of many carriers of technology and modern tools that help us in expanding, developing, improving and personalizing the material that we create for our Spanish students. In this couse is all about creating. All the time we will teach you how to improve your materials and what technology tools can be useful. We will use examples of advertising and short-term activities during classes, more precisely when learning various grammatical structures and their practical implementation during lessons.

What students think about us ?

“The school is well located, not far from all the interesting places to visit, the school’s building is nice and neat. I appreciate the school’s internet access, and the afternoon activities are very beneficial for every student.” –  Elżbieta Szczecin

“3 weeks of the course is not enough, I would like to stay longer.” The teachers and staff were great, I met many interesting people, thank you for this wonderful time … “- Barbara Kraków

“Teachers use a dynamic teaching method that is really good, not boring or tiring, they will teach you the verbs and words used in everyday communication.” The hours are very convenient, 4 hours with coffee breaks or a cigarette. , I’m glad, thanks. “- Grzegorz Warszawa


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